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Own A Low-Cost
Wellness &
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Franchise That
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REVOLISM Wellness and Weight Loss Franchise

Unlocking the revolutionary power of the Metabolic Code is a great opportunity to own your own business

REVOLISM® is a wellness and weight loss franchise founded on more than 30 years of scientific data and research providing clients with a program to revolutionize their metabolism and achieve wellness and weight loss goals.

REVOLISM brings decades of clinical success – that, until now, was only available in a doctor’s office – to individuals in their homes, at work and on the go. We combine this expertise with an exclusive, proprietary line of high quality, all-natural supplements and nutritional products customized for each individual. With an initial franchise fee starting at $2,500, we provide the tools, training and materials necessary for you to become a certified REVOLISM wellness coach and begin putting our system to work for your clients.

Hundreds of physicians, dietitians and nutritionists across the nation rely on the Metabolic Code, a wellness assessment algorithm, to determine and monitor their clients’ well-being. REVOLISM has exclusively licensed the code for franchising, developed a high quality line of supplements and created a state-of-the-art fully automated system to deliver wellness and weight loss to consumers via our franchisees.

Here’s how REVOLISM’s three-pronged approach works:

  • Customers pay an affordable, $99 assessment fee and complete our proprietary 100+ question wellness survey and lab tests (urine and saliva).  Our proprietary system assesses the client’s metabolism and creates an individualized plan-of-action, including customized supplements and diet-and-exercise plan if they need to lose weight.
  • Customers subscribe to monthly shipments of customized supplements that arrive automatically, while our HIPAA-compliant app provides regular wellness and diet prompts, outlines meal plans and offers exercise routines.
  • Periodic reassessments monitor customers’ progress to make adjustments to their program based on each client’s progress and needs.

Our system is unique in the $1 trillion global wellness industry¹, where fad diets and over-the-counter pills set up failure. REVOLISM ensures that individuals improve their metabolism, supplies them with the knowledge and dietary supplements they need to succeed in their wellness — or weight loss — goals, and receive the encouragement, support and guidance to help them stay on target.

Obesity is rampant. Now more than ever, individuals need real wellness and weight loss results — the kinds of results REVOLISM helps individuals achieve.

“Now is a great time to invest in a REVOLISM franchise,” says REVOLISM Founder and President David Ramadan. “According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost 78% of Americans are overweight, and a further 37% are obese². That’s three out of four consumers who need the services of a wellness coach — somebody who can help them live better and lose weight. With REVOLISM, we made that easy and low-cost. We are bringing wellness and weight loss services to anyone who would like to become a well-trained wellness coach with the best tool on the market, proven by actual science, and being practiced at more than 200 doctors and clinics across the nation.”

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Costs and Fees

Joining REVOLISM is a remarkably affordable proposition. With an initial virtual franchise fee of just $2,500 and potential annual earnings of at least $37,000, working part-time*, $90,000 or more working full time, a REVOLISM franchise represents a tremendous ground-floor opportunity to join a wellness and weight loss revolution.

Becoming a REVOLISM wellness coach is the ideal part-time business for nurses, nutritionists, fitness instructors, personal trainers and even stay-at-home moms. For those who choose to open a brick-and-mortar franchise model, the earning potential grows, allowing you to scale your business. Best of all, running a REVOLISM franchise does not require prior health, medical or fitness experience.

American consumers are set to spend more than $20 billion this year on weight loss efforts, from fad diets to gastric bypass surgery. REVOLISM is poised to change all of that.

*We consider part time to be at least 3 days/week.

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