REVOLISM Wellness System Exhibits at IHRSA

San Diego, California – April 11, 2018 – REVOLISM® recently introduced their wellness and weight loss franchise to the fitness industry at the International IHRSA Convention & Trade. REVOLISM Wellness & Weight Loss Franchises are now available to entrepreneurs in most areas across the United States, with applications for brick-and-mortar and individual virtual franchise options now being accepted.

David Ramadan REVOLISM founder

REVOLISM brings decades of clinical success – that, until now, was only available in a doctor’s office – to individuals in their homes, at work and on the go, and combines this expertise with an exclusive, proprietary line of high quality, all-natural supplements and nutritional products customized for each individual. With an initial franchise fee starting at $2,500, REVOLISM provides the tools, training and materials necessary for anyone to become a certified REVOLISM wellness coach and begin putting the REVOLISM system to work for their clients.

“Everybody has some sort of a deficiency in their bodies,” said David Ramadan, REVOLISM Founder and President. “We don’t eat right. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short, overweight or not, we still don’t eat 100 percent right. Our body is not getting all the nutrients that the body needs. So regardless what you do on food and exercise, unless your metabolism is regulated, your body is not going to react correctly to dieting or just exercise.”

“Our wellness coaches use a unique and powerful tool called the Metabolic Code, which is a personal, individualized assessment algorithm based on 30 years of research and experience to improve overall long term wellness and weight loss,” says Benjamin Gonzalez, MD, Chief Medical Officer for REVOLISM. “This powerful tool collects your detailed biometric data and subjective symptoms and ties it in with very specific salivary and urine tests to determine your metabolic challenges. Once those nutritional deficiencies are identified, we recommend specific diets and exercise and supply you with customized high quality supplements specific to your deficiencies.”


Using the science of the Metabolic Code, a revolutionary approach to wellness previously only available through doctors, REVOLISM is founded on more than 30 years of scientific data and research providing clients with a program to revolutionize their metabolism and achieve wellness and weight loss goals. Founded in 2016 and franchising since 2017, REVOLISM takes an analysis of each customer and customizes a program that is designed exclusively to address their needs, whether it’s stress reduction, reduced fatigue or a need to lose weight. For more information, visit

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