How Big Is the Wellness Industry?

REVOLISM® is poised to become a disruptor in the $1 trillion global wellness and weight loss industry¹

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that almost half of all Americans take a dietary supplement of some sort, yet almost 37% of Americans are obese. In fact, according to the CDC, one in three U.S. adults could have diabetes by 2050².

Meanwhile, the National Institutes of Health reports that supplements alone are a $37 billion a year industry³ — not to mention billions more in weight loss programs and fad diets. As more and more individuals turn their attention to wellness and weight loss, that number is only expected to grow. However, there’s a major concern in this market: multi-vitamins and supermarket supplements are ill-suited to correct the underlying problems that consumers face.

Overwhelmed with ads for this multivitamin and that dietary supplement, consumers heap pill on top of shake on top of powder. In other words, they’re throwing money at a problem and what they’re getting in return are billions of dollars in products they may not actually need.

“The majority of consumers in this $100-billion domestic industry are taking off-the-shelf commercial supplements with no input on what they really need and no way to measure the effect of these supplements on their health,” says REVOLISM founder David Ramadan. “The majority of consumers are jumping on and off an endless diet rollercoaster with no long-term, lasting results. Realizing the magnitude of this industry and the gap between services and products available to consumers, I founded REVOLISM as the first and only customer-focused wellness and weight loss franchise.”

As the United States turns its attention to tackling the obesity epidemic, you have the opportunity to be in on the ground floor of a wellness and weight loss revolution. Consider these factors, too, as you think about the potential of owning a REVOLISM wellness and weight loss franchise.

Obesity is a health and economic crisis

Obesity costs the U.S. consumer somewhere between $147 billion and $210 billion, according to “The State of Obesity,” a report released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Trust for America’s Health⁴. Billions of dollars in health care costs and related expenses could be saved if we stemmed the tide of the obesity epidemic.

At the same time, long-term inflammation of vital systems is one of the leading causes of a lack of wellness and obesity. Treating this underlying cause represents a tremendous business opportunity.  According to “The State of Obesity,” American obesity rates have turned a corner, and the increase of obesity rates, though still high, have slowed.

Americans have recognized the problem, and now, REVOLISM dietitian Laura LaValle says they’re replacing an appetite for food with an appetite for information about wellness and weight loss. Just look at the market for fad diet books or multi-level marketing products that are preying on overweight consumers. These “silver-bullet” approaches give consumers just the tip of the iceberg of data and information they need while failing to produce long-term, sustainable results.

REVOLISM wellness and weight loss franchise owners will provide wellness solutions based on a comprehensive picture of each client’s metabolism. The proprietary report clients receive is the kind of detail-driven assessment that data junkies thrive on. Just ask REVOLISM dietician Laura LaValle.

“American consumers today want to know all of the data surrounding their health. They want to know their numbers — their BP, their cholesterol, etc.,” Laura says. “We are tapping into the intersection of the quantified self movement and the need for an individualized approach to consumers’ wellness.”

Through our unique approach to wellness and weight loss, REVOLISM franchise is poised to tap into this growing trend, join the fight against obesity and help individuals realize their optimum well-being. We’re unlocking the power of the Metabolic Code for individuals and empowering them to win the wellness war.

Best of all, bringing REVOLISM to your community does not have to be an expensive prospect. Continue below to find out more about the costs of starting your own REVOLISM franchise.

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