How Much Money Can I Make?

REVOLISM® wellness and weight loss franchise provides multiple recurring revenue streams throughout the year

How does $37,000 per year working part-time or $90,000 per year working full time sound to you – owning a virtual franchise? Or how about $200,000 for owning a brick-and-mortar business? Achieving long-term wellness and weight loss is an ongoing, hands-on process that requires commitment and support. REVOLISM answers both of these needs through periodic assessments and monthly supplements shipments.

After clients complete an assessment, they are subscribed to the recommended regimen of supplements, which are shipped automatically each month. This structure frees the franchise owner from the potentially high costs of inventory and point-of-sale equipment. In fact, there are very little out-of-pocket costs associated with providing ongoing supplements and coaching.

The REVOLISM business model ensures that franchise owners have a steady stream of revenue throughout the year. Franchise owners generate recurring revenue by signing clients up for our monthly subscription supplement service for either a six- or twelve-month program.

Subscription plans generate regular revenue

REVOLISM presents a vertically integrated approach to wellness and weight loss. The assessment drives the recommended supplements, to which the client then subscribes. As their wellness improves, the client is reassessed and the supplement regimen is adjusted to further improve and maintain wellness.

The result is a multi-pronged, multiple-stream revenue that is driven by the client’s results and the wellness coach’s input. REVOLISM is a low-cost, low-overhead business model with the potential for a high rate of return.

Instead of focusing on maintaining inventories or fighting to recruit new “distributors” in a multi-level marketing system, you grow your business by signing up new clients, assessing their wellness via the Metabolic Code, and delivering to them the knowledge and encouragement they need to achieve real results. Unlike fad diets and one-size-fits-all supplements, with REVOLISM, your client is never doing it alone. They are constantly reminded to up-keep through our cutting-edge wellness app and periodic assessments, making them feel as if their coach is never more than their smartphone away. Meanwhile, your time is freed to devote energy to developing new clients and growing your business.

Low overhead means potentially high returns

The REVOLISM business model ensures that franchise owners have a steady stream of revenue throughout the year. The flexibility of our two franchise models enables franchisees to set up operations in their home, in a low cost office space in their neighborhood, or in a high-visibility strip center near popular shopping destinations. Wellness coaches can travel to the client’s home or office or even integrate the services into current corporate locations, such as fitness clubs or nutritionists’ practices.

With the option of a virtual operation, a REVOLISM franchise is a perfect business opportunity for retired nurses, life coaches, fitness instructors, veterans and stay-at-home moms.

When you bring REVOLISM to your community, you’ll begin to unlock the Metabolic Code for clients from all walks of life. 

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