How Does REVOLISM Franchise Work?

Wellness coaches deliver the knowledge, diet and supplements clients need to become their best selves

Beginning from the initial consultation with a REVOLISM® wellness coach, the client takes the first steps towards life transformation on the path to feeling better and achieving long-term wellness and weight goals.

After completing our proprietary, 100+ questions wellness assessment and submitting samples to our lab, the client receives a personalized metabolic report unlike any other. This report is a detailed breakdown of the individual’s Metabolic Code — measuring dozens of independent variables in groupings called triads. These triads are at the heart of the lifestyle, dietary and supplement changes that REVOLISM provides.

“It’s a revolutionary way to assess where an individual’s health is today and where it may be leading tomorrow; but most importantly, it targets their specific needs so that they can reach wellness and weight loss goals through a groundbreaking, cloud-based, multi-variant analysis system,” says Jim LaValle, founder and chairman of the Metabolic Code. “The Metabolic Code takes into account how they feel, their lifestyle, dynamic lab markers and other health markers, like blood pressure, heart rate and pH. The generated report is a very precise picture of where a person is with their health, what is starting to break down metabolically, and then provides nutritional solutions to address those areas.”

Clients subscribe for either a six-month or a one-year program. Over the course of that time, they receive monthly supplements customized to their needs. Those who want to lose weight can access our weight loss portal, which provides a full diet and exercise plan. All the while, daily reminders and follow-ups arrive via email or through our secure, HIPAA-compliant mobile app. Clients enjoy the benefits of working directly with their REVOLISM wellness coach to reach their goals and achieve optimum, sustainable wellness.

Correcting root problems is at the heart of REVOLISM

REVOLISM works because it helps to correct one of the most significant underlying causes of chronic illness and weight gain: inflammation. Over many years of poor diet, an individual’s metabolism can find itself in a state of crisis, constantly fighting a food sensitivity or nutritional deficiencies.

The result of all of those years of neglect becomes apparent when examining the report. Body systems are out of alignment with their optimum levels, and this leads to inflammation. Correct those underlying deficiencies through a coordinated diet-and-supplements response, and the client is well on the road to wellness.

“Inflammation is, after all, the root cause of all chronic illness,” says Laura LaValle, the dietician who helped develop the Metabolic Code. She points to one culprit of irritation that affects many people, in particular. “Take carbohydrates, where people have very different tolerance levels for them. Our diet is designed to start at a low level of intake initially, but the goal is to slowly increase it to as much as each person can tolerate.”

In other words, remove the assailing ingredient, correct the metabolic processes, and slowly reintroduce that ingredient until the individual’s tolerance level is reached. To put it another way, you aren’t telling the client they’re giving up pizza for life.

The REVOLISM diet is similar to other popular diets in that it targets specific irritants — carbs or sugars, for example — but because our diet slowly restores the optimum levels for each food and adjusts deficiencies through custom supplements, the results are long-term and easy to adjust to.

“All individuals start out the same, but they end up different because wellness coaches customize the REVOLISM program to their tolerances,” Laura says. “And, it’s going to be a diet that’s going to work for them in the long run. So, your clients will know very specifically how they need to eat to maintain weight loss and to keep their health in check.”

REVOLISM wellness coaches provide ongoing support

Throughout the process, the wellness coach is always there, encouraging the client and providing up-to-date information. After all, transforming wellness and weight loss is a process that changes the individual’s metabolic makeup.

Periodically, the client will complete follow-up assessments to track their progress. As their overall wellness improves and as they reach their weight loss goals, their diet and recommended supplements change to match. It’s an ongoing process of lifestyle transformation, and that takes commitment and support.

“Everybody wants a magic pill, but there is no magic pill. Nutrients and strategies help, but there is no magic,” Jim says. “People feel healthier as they begin to manage their metabolism and develop a lifestyle of health that includes good nutrition and regular exercise. The REVOLISM system helps clients lose weight and helps them feel healthy and full of vitality.”

An important component of the ongoing support clients receive are regular shipments of custom-crafted supplements targeted specifically to their profile, as revealed by the Metabolic Code. These supplements arrive regularly as part of a monthly subscription, representing an integral part of the REVOLISM process — and a source of regular recurring revenue for the franchise owner.

Assessment, consultation and supplements make up three points of contact where wellness coaches generate revenues and open the door to a potentially lucrative business opportunity.

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