What Sets REVOLISM Franchise Apart?

REVOLISM® franchise takes the #1 wellness and weight loss program out of doctors’ offices and puts it at your fingertips

REVOLISM revolutionizes the multi-billion dollar wellness and weight loss industry. While many companies offer supplement products or fad diets, only REVOLISM provides assessment-based customized supplements and weight loss coaching, all based on more than 30 years of hard science and successful clinical application of the Metabolic Code.

When Jim LaValle revealed the Metabolic Code in 1987, he revolutionized the understanding of wellness. Healthcare practitioners, dieticians and nutritionists all took note. In fact, the Metabolic Code formed the basis of the creation of the Program for Integrative and Metabolic Medicine at George Washington University.

“REVOLISM brings out the ability to provide effective, science-based, systems-oriented tools to improve wellness and provide effective weight loss,” says Dr. Benjamin Gonzales, Chief Medical Officer for REVOLISM. “We teach you that it is not just about eating less and exercising more. It’s about measuring and assessing what is wrong first with your clients — and then individualizing a plan of action — a plan of action for diet, exercise and natural supplements specifically to make up for deficiencies.”

REVOLISM wellness coaches use our proprietary online 100+ questions assessment and vitality report along with lab (urine and saliva) testing to reveal a client’s metabolic imbalances before they turn into chronic conditions that accelerate aging. Through a monthly subscription to high-quality, custom-tailored supplements, we deal with every aspect of our customers wellness, from diet and lifestyle to mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

REVOLISM is head and shoulders above the competition

No other wellness or weight loss system can provide the level of information, the depth of personal analysis, coaching, or the results that come with targeted supplements. REVOLISM is at the forefront of the coming wellness revolution, making now a great time to join our franchise.

“REVOLISM offers entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to have access to one of the most cutting-edge wellness assessment tools on the market,” Jim says. “This is a fantastic investment for someone passionate about helping people achieve their wellness goals.”

The success of REVOLISM’s approach lies in its reliance on the Metabolic Code and the customized supplements created to address the deficiencies the code reveals. This is something woefully absent from other wellness and diet plans.

“Anyone who is struggling to lose weight or to improve their feeling of well-being or wellness knows the answers to their problems are not easy. Most diet and diet programs are based on two basic tenets,” Dr. Gonzales adds. “Number one, eat less, sometimes restricting you from good nutrition, and number two, exercise more. This basic formula of eating less and exercising more fails you.”

Fad diets may produce short-term results, but eventually the underlying issues in an individual’s metabolism return. Because REVOLISM addresses those underlying issues first, results are dramatic and sustainable long-term. And these results are only available through REVOLISM wellness and weight loss coaches.

“REVOLISM is exclusively licensed to use the Metabolic Code, which is an assessment tool to help improve metabolism the correct way, not the exercise-more-eat-less way,” Dr. Gonzales says.

Tap into the growing demand for long-term wellness and sustainable weight loss with a REVOLISM franchise, and you’re creating a business that changes lives with more than 30 years of proven science. Thousands of consumers have benefited from the Metabolic Code system, a service only available through doctor’s offices. Today, REVOLISM brings this service through our franchisees.

REVOLISM offers a quick ramp-up time to allow for a potentially faster return on investment, and you’re never without the support, knowledge and training you need. To find out about the support we provide franchise owners, continue reading.

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