What Is the REVOLISM Story

Decades of research and experience have led to our wellness and weight loss franchise

By 1986, obesity had reached epidemic levels in America, and individuals felt worse and performed at lower levels than ever before. Wellness was at an all-time low.

Jim LaValle, a pharmacist and certified clinical nutritionist, began to see a problem: why were Americans, who were exercising more and eating less, still feeling poorly and gaining weight?  Working with a team of health, nutrition and medical professionals, Jim developed the Metabolic Code and revolutionized wellness and weight loss techniques. He joined forces with Dr. Andrew Heyman at George Washington University’s medical school to further refine the code and unlock its full potential. Over the last three decades, the Metabolic Code has helped tens of thousands of individuals benefit from the code through their doctors’ and nutritionists’ practices.

Meanwhile, America’s unwell tendencies continued. Obesity skyrocketed, and today 37% of Americans are obese¹. Even more are overweight and many more still do not enjoy the level of wellness they would like. That’s when David Ramadan and an old friend, Bassel Haidar, started talking about Bassel’s work as a president of Metabolic Intelligence LLC, which provides the Metabolic Code services to medical doctors across the nation.

David recognized the multi-billion dollar market potential of a non-medical assessment product. With decades of franchising experience, David approached Bassel with an idea to bring the power of the Metabolic Code to a franchise system, and REVOLISM® was born.

“Today’s wellness and weight loss industry is comprised of hundreds of service providers offering individual tests or assessments, and thousands of supplements manufacturers offering vitamins and other products,” David says. “The industry is basically divided between service companies on one side, focused on doing individual tests or assessments without offering solutions, and manufacturers on the other side, offering generic, one-fits-all off-the-shelf products. But they’re not working in tandem. REVOLISM reverses that paradigm.”

REVOLISM is a scientific assessment and modification program that addresses structural issues in a client’s metabolism via a 100+ questions proprietary assessment and non-invasive lab work (urine and saliva). Working closely with wellness coaches, clients learn how to unlock the power of the Metabolic Code in their lives to improve wellness and achieve sustainable weight loss. At the heart of the REVOLISM process is our exclusive proprietary line of high quality, all natural supplements and nutritional products, which will be customized for each of our customers, and our mobile platform, which enables clients to stay on top of their progress.

“We have automated the entire process — the assessment, the diet plans, the exercise routines and the supplement ordering process,” Bassel says. “We built a super easy-to-use REVOLISM platform so franchisees can spend as much time as they desire to help as many people as they want.”

Fad diets fail consumers with their all-or-nothing approach to certain foods or compounds — sugars or carbs, for example —while avoiding addressing the leading deterrent to sustainable wellness and weight loss: underlying irritations. Because no two bodies are built alike, these diets produce short-term results but no real long-term improvements. REVOLISM addresses the underlying obstacles to a person’s wellness and weight loss, overcoming deficiencies to improve vitality.


In other words, REVOLISM works because it does what no other diet-and-exercise regimen can: it provides clients with custom-tailored supplements and diet to fit the needs of their individual body in that moment in time, tracks changes, and provides ongoing information, tracking and coaching to achieve and maintain goals.

When Jim LaValle founded LaValle Metabolic Institute, he began to unlock the power of an individual’s metabolism via the Metabolic Code, and through REVOLISM, we are bringing the code to a wide audience. For almost thirty years, Jim has unleashed the power of the code in the lives of tens of thousands of individuals. Through REVOLISM, you can provide those same life-changing results to your clients.

Join REVOLISM today and you can bring this revolutionary innovation to clients in your community. To find out more about how REVOLISM works, continue reading.

¹”Adult Obesity Facts,” published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on September 1, 2016, https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html.

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